What do your dreams hold for you? What does your subconscious tell you to do? Do your dreams happen in sleep or wide awake? Do they reveal what you must undertake? Live, Hope, Express, Demand? What is your Consciousness’ greatest plan? On my Poetry page, find a new selection!!! Peace and Blessings!!!!



Too Much Quiet?

Is there such a thing as too much quiet? Are there moments when you need to scream and shout? Can you live with just the sound of seeming calm or is the appearance just a sticky balm? No communication is the order of the day when no sight, no sound is so far away. On my poetry page is the quest for the answers. Enjoy!!!



Sometimes we can’t see when it’s time to take a break. Sometimes¬† we can’t see when we need to give space. Sometimes we can’t see that we’re blocking someone’s air. Sometimes we don’t recognize when we’ve stayed too long at the fair. Woke up this morning feeling the need to Express before I EXPRESS!!!! Please follow through to my Poetry page for another share!!! Peace and Blessings!!!

Right of Way?

Why do some people come into our lives? What is their purpose? What is our lesson? What is our purpose when we come into their lives? It’s a two way street and no matter what, it’s ALWAYS for the BETTER!!! Proceed to my poetry page for another new thought!!!

Seeing the Green

So………………..moving on!!! Continuing in the laughing stage onto the “Hmmmmm…………Looking” stage. Starting to ENJOY THE VIEW again. On my poetry page is another selection. Enjoy!! Feel the Wave!!!

Laughter Has Begun

Woke up this morning with laughter in my heart and on my mind and I just had to write about it!!! Nothing like a good, good friend to bring you back to yourself!!! On my poetry page is another selection. The healing has begun!!!  The storm has passed!!!!

Before I Sleep

There are times when you just can’t sleep. When a thought, a feeling, won’t let you be. You must answer the call in order to rest. You must put pen to paper to voice, to express. On the poetry page is another moment of passion on my journey to healing!! This too shall pass!!